Preventive and child dentistry

Preventive dentistry, naturally, aims to prevent the disease appearing; however, it, above all, aims to raise the awareness of the patient about the importance of regularly and properly maintaining the hygiene of the mouth cavity. The habit of properly maintaining oral hygiene significantly reduces the risk of tooth and gum diseases, so from the earliest childhood special attention needs to be paid to acquiring this habit.


Orthodontics (orthopedy of the jaws) is a branch of dentistry which deals with diagnosis and treatment of irregularities of teeth, jaws and face of children and adults. The purpose is to achieve good function of the oral system and satisfactory aesthetic appearance of the patient.


Parodontopathy is a disease which affects and destroys all the supporting tissues of the tooth (gums, cementum, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone) leading to tooth mobility and tooth loss.


Dental prosthetics has two aims - to substitute the missing teeth or to correct the appearance of the existing teeth.


In modern dentistry CAD/CAM technology is used to assist and aid dentists and dental technicians in preparing precision dental restorations: inlays, onlays, endocrowns, veneers and bridges…

Laser therapy

The use of lasers in the field of dentistry has multiple positive effects on soft tissue because it provides a less invasive method with minimal postoperative complications and interventions which mostly do not require the use of anesthesia.

Oral surgery and implantology

Oral surgery is a specialist branch of dentistry that diagnoses and surgically treats irregularities and pathological changes of the teeth, soft tissues and bone structures of the orofacial region.

Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry serves one purpose – to make Your smile magical, decorated with healthy white teeth.

Health tourism

Serbia Medical Tourism is quickly rising to the pinnacle of healthcare travel in Europe.